Shipping Rates

Need a Shipping Quote?
Our shipping charges are based on the weight, dimensions, and transit route for your order.

For an online shipping quote, please add your items to the shopping cart.  Type your zip code into our shipping calculator.  (The calculator is located below the Checkout button.) 

If your order weighs less than 150 pounds, your shipping charges will appear in your shopping cart.  For orders weighing 150 pounds or more, please contact us for a shipping quote. 

We provide shipping quotes at your request over the phone or through our Request A Quote form.


Shipping Basics

Our standard shipping methods are Fedex Ground and UPS Ground, depending on your location and the product you order.

Our website only accepts orders for shipping in the continental US.  For shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada, please contact us for a shipping quote and to place your order.  For shipments to other locations, please contact us so we can determine eligibility.

If you need rush shipping, please contact us for special arrangements. 

We can ship orders on your UPS or Fedex account.  Please let us know your shipping account number when you place your order. 


Shipping Exceptions:

Shipping exceptions apply to the following items:

  • Orders that exceed 150 pounds.  If your order exceeds 150 pounds, our website shipping calculator cannot determine the shipping rate.  Shipping charges will be added to your order after it is placed.
  • Chocolate, chocolate coated products, and other perishable products.  These products require special shipping if the temperature exceeds 65 degrees Farenheit anywhere along the transit route.  (This typically occurs between April and September for many parts of the country.)  Shipping charges may be adjusted after your order is placed, or online ordering may be disabled so that we can provide a pre-sale shipping quote.
  • Products in our Master Catalog.  If you place an order online from our Master Catalog, shipping charges may not be added to your order.  In these situations, shipping charges will be added to your order after it is placed.

For a pre-order shipping quote on any of these Exception Items, please call us or use the Request A Quote button on our website.

If extra shipping charges apply, we will notify you when we receive your order.  We will never charge your credit card without first notifying you about the shipping charges! 

We are happy to provide pre-sale shipping quotes.  Call us or use the Request A Quote button that appears on our product pages and on our home page.