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Promomento Spotlight:<BR>New Year. New Tech.
Promomento Spotlight:
New Year. New Tech.
When it comes to tech, some customers want to stick with traditional items that are easy to use and understand (like USB drives).

Other customers want the latest and greatest tech...which can be straight-forward (like Ring Lights for your phone)...or can require a little more tech savvy to understand and operate (like Qi chargers).

This presentation has a range from traditional to trendy, at a variety of price points and minimum order quantities.
Spotlight Archive:<BR>20 Holiday Business Gifts
Spotlight Archive:
20 Holiday Business Gifts
This popular presentation contains 10 brand name holiday gifts with broad appeal that are sure to impress.

Featured brands are: Stanley®, Oneida®, JanSport®, Leatherman®, KOOZIE®, Swiss Force®, Xoopar®, Modern Sprout®, Soap=HopeTM, Godiva®, Ghirardelli® and Starbucks®.

And 10 budget-friendly substitutes for those brand name gifts. So you can express gratitude and stay within your budget.

This presentation is archived. Prices are hidden. Call, Text, Email, or Click if you need a quote.
Spotlight Archive:<BR>2020 Gift Trends
Spotlight Archive:
2020 Gift Trends
Ideas for custom gifts and logo-imprinted giveaways for five of 2020's hottest promotional trends:

Eco-Friendly + Eating
Personal Safety
Contemporary Conservative
Stress Relief
Flex Tech
Promomento Spotlight:<BR>Journals, Pens & Sets
Promomento Spotlight:
Journals, Pens & Sets
A customer recently expressed a need for some journals and pens to start 2021 off write. (My corny pun, not his.)

Teams start new projects and need fresh journals.
Companies conduct annual kick-off meetings.
Employers send their workers fresh supplies to WFH in the new year.

Versatility and low cost make journals and notebooks popular logo gifts.
Good News! When it comes to journals, you've got lots of choices!
Spotlight Archive:<BR>New Year! New Ink!
Spotlight Archive:
New Year! New Ink!
Pens are a high-demand item in the world of promo giveaways. But what makes pens so popular?

No one questions a pen.
They're for everyone.
They're affordable.
They're useful.
They come in lots of styles.

Here are 10 reliable pens you can use to kick off the new year. Including an eco-friendly pen...thinking ahead to Earth Day.