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This month we are shining our Spotlight on pens.
Pens are a high-demand item in the world of promo giveaways. But what makes pens so popular?

No one questions a pen.

When you give someone a pen, no one will second guess you. They are a simple gesture. For marketing. For rewarding. For remembering.

They're for everyone.

It doesn't matter what age, occupation or lifestyle a person has...chances are they will use the pen you give them.

They're affordable.

Pens are a low cost way to spread the word about your company, your events, your new products. You name it!

They're useful.

Even in our digital world, people still use pens to jot a personal message, sign documents, write grocery lists, take notes, and 100 other quick daily uses. How many times did you use a pen this week?

They come in lots of styles.

Over the last few years we've seen fun, new pen features hit the promotional market. Soft touch barrels, mirrored logo imprints, and eco-friendly are three popular options.

So here are 10 reliable pens you can use to kick off 2020. Plus one: an eco-friendly pen...thinking ahead to Earth Day.

Promomento Spotlight:<BR>New Year!  New Ink!
Promomento Spotlight:
New Year! New Ink!