About us

About us

Why You'll Be Happy You Chose Us

We believe deeply – as we’re sure you do - in the importance of recognizing and rewarding people for a job done well. We started Promomento in 2006 with the goal of making it easy and affordable for managers to recognize and reward their teams. Once our customers saw how we helped them with team gifts, they started asking us for other imprinted items too.Things like giveaways for conventions, rewards for employees, incentives for volunteers, and thank-you gifts for their best clients and donors. As our customers' needs grew, so did we.

Today we help a variety of clients from small, privately held firms to Fortune 100 companies with their awards, business gifts, and promotional products. We're delighted that many of our customers reorder from us, and often consult us for ideas and quotes on new projects. We feel honored that many of our original customers from the early years of our business still place orders with us today!

How We Partner With You

We are a service-based business that attends to your specific needs.
Over the years we've learned that some customers want to delegate the entire process to us. And other customers want to be involved with each step.So we built our ordering process to adapt to each customer's needs. Our aim is to make the process as streamlined and simple as possible for you.

If you need help brainstorming ideas, we're here for you.

If you already know what you want, let us know. We excel at finding you the best combination of price, value, quality, and speed of delivery.

If you need help with artwork, we are experienced at adjusting your logo and text artwork so it looks professional when imprinted.

If you have a complicated shipping situation or a super short deadline, we'll figure out a way to deliver for you.

Our partnership is based on your needs. It's how we ensure your order looks awesome when you receive it.And it's how we build relationships, so you feel comfortable contacting us for your next order.

For a detailed description of our Ordering Process, please see the Ordering Process section on our Support page.

What kinds of products we carry

We carry over 250,000 gift products...but if we put them all on our website it would make choosing the right one pretty hard.Too many options! So we use our industry knowledge to hand-pick several hundred of our favorites to feature on our website.You can find these by using the "Search Our Featured Products" search field in the upper right corner of each page.

You can find even more through our Advanced Search feature. Use the "Search Our Master Catalog" search field in the upper right corner of each page.

If you don't find what you want, or don't have time to search, we're happy to do the searching for you! And we're pretty quick at it! If you want us to help with your search, please give us a call or use our Request A Quote form here.

After we finish our search, we send you photos, product details, and pricing information for several options that meet your requirements and budget.You choose your favorite.Then we'll start an order for you.

What we can imprint for you

Event information, team names, logos, slogans, dates, people's names, and more can be imprinted on most of the items we sell. Imprints make your gift even more memorable!

We can typeset your event, project or team name or slogan in text for you. We use appealing fonts that produce nice outcomes. Let us know if you want us to do this for you. This service is free of charge for most orders.

Each item we sell has specific requirements for the resolution, size, colors, and graphics format for the artwork. We take care of all of those details for you! It's part of the service we provide. Just let us know what you want to have imprinted, and we will optimize it for you.

Who buys from us

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What our customers are saying about us

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Want to Learn Something about Imprinted Products ?

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Final Notes

We are a 100% woman-owned business.

Promomento is operated by a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).

Promomento is a division of ClearLaunch Consulting LLC.

Promomento™ is a trademark of ClearLaunch Consulting LLC.

Our US Federal Gov't Contractor CCR Cage/NCage code is 55K26