Promomento Announcements

Tariff Update for First Quarter 2019

Since 2018 the U.S.-China tariff situation has been bumpy. Some of the products we sell are imported from China, and they are affected.

Tariffs are applied when a product arrives in the U.S. and goes through Customs.

As new inventory arrives from China in 2019, tariffs will apply if the product is in an affected category. (Not everything we sell is in an affected category.) Tariffs will make product prices increase.

When we receive tariff and price updates from our suppliers, we will update our website pricing. Price updates will occur in waves.

As a result, prices on our website may change frequently. If you find an item on our website that interests you, please ask us for a quote.

Quotes will be valid for between 7 - 30 days, depending on the item.

If you have any questions about whether a product price will be affected by tariff increases, please contact us.

If the U.S.-China tariffs are lifted, prices of affected items will decrease. We will update our website prices accordingly.

We also sell many products that are made in the U.S., or imported from Canada, Mexico, and other Asian countries. The U.S-China tariff increases do not apply to these products. Let us know if you want to hear about these products!