Geo Match Your Promo! Experience Our Geo-Matching Service

Use our Geo Match Promo Service to buy promotional products and business gifts that are close to your geographic location.

Save Money and Time

You save on shipping costs and get faster delivery when your order is produced and shipped in YOUR region. We can provide this service because of our network. We are a distributor with connections to over 100 importers, manufacturers and decorators across the U.S.

Get a Regional Advantage

Let us know your location, your product need, and your budget. We'll tap our network of reliable partnerships to find the best regional match for you. Your purchase will support your regional economy and jobs too!

Make Empowered Choices

If a better (cheaper, faster, higher quality) match exists outside of your region, we'll let you know about it too! So you can make an informed purchase decision.

Reduce Risk for Destination Meetings

Our Geo Match Promo Service is a huge advantage when you are planning a destination meeting or event! Your tradeshow giveaways and event souvenirs can be imprinted and shipped in the same area as your meeting. You lower your risk of missed deadlines and shipping issues when your order is produced close to your event location.

Benefit from Our Proactive Customer Service

Geo Matching is just one of the value-add services you receive by working with us. Please call us or use our Quote Request Form to get started.